BAd drum experienes


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Dont know if there's a forum on this, did a search couldnt find one.
I just got back from a band practice session, and the bassist got this idea last week that i should just play the set the guitarist has so i don't have to lug around my kit. I thought this was a good idea so i just went with it.
It was awful!
The toms were so out of tune , and the 13 inch was higher in pitch than the 12 inch. The kick was unmuffled and tuned horridly, and the pedal had absolutely no rebound, and the spring was broken on the pedal. The snare had 17 snare wires! 3 were gone from one side and the hi hat stand pedal was so stiff i literally had to wait like a full 3 seconds for the hats to open up.
I will never practice with a another kit other than mine again.... unless its provided by another drummer.

So That was my recent horrible experience.
So now it's your turn.
Post your most horrible drumming experiences.

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I just came aboard the Cruise Line Boat and the band found the lounge we were supposed to work for the next three months. There was a set of drums on the Stage ready for me and they were not bad. I reset them up as they were all out of reach with some high some low. We did a run thru and went below to get ready for tonight. I got a note from the Band Master. Seems there were two bands to play on the same band stand and we had to share the Drums. That was cool with me so I went and changed them back. We got to the Band Stand during the first set and gave a listen, they were Great and just about to take a break. We found out, we had to take the next set over between songs. No more than one minute to do that. We changed Bands Every other Set. I had to play the drums they way they were. What a night mare that evening was. All he (the other drummer) could do was Bitch about this and that. He did not want his stuff used and I had to move his sticks. He did not want that. After the full night was over we hit the Band Master and told him about Three Sets and then Change Bands. What a great Idea. My God where do they come from. And we keep on drumming. Cheers mates. Curly


I've had a couple of bad experiances with having to use other ppls kits or the ones supplied.Mostly having to set up other kits to suit my playing style.I guess one of the worst was being attacked by another drummer.See,my mates drummer was to drunk to play the set,so i filled in on a coupla songs & the guy went nuts cos i merely moved some of his equipment around!Totally jumped up on stage & trashed his own kit mid-song then tried to beat me up!!
The other one was just embarresing cos i used to play marching snare in high school & we were doing a local parade down our main street & i ended up putting a hole thru the snare which the school had borrowed from the local Salvation Army Marching band.They were'nt too upset,but the school made me pay for a new skin!


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I haven't got any bad experiences playing on shared kits, I guess I've always been lucky enough to either play my own kit or have plenty of time and permission to adjust whatever kit I'm borrowing.

But one experience with my own kit does stand out. My band and I were playing the Catalyst in Santa Cruz for the first time and we wanted to come big, so we came up with a short instrumental opening for one of our most popular songs, which ended with short staccato paired eighth notes (DU-DUH, DU-DUH, DU-DUH, DU-DUH) which I hit on my suspended floor toms hanging on my Gibraltar side rack.

We kicked off the next song and that's when I discovered that the right-side T-clamp had actually broken under the stress, and all the cymbals and toms on the right side started slowly rotating around the tube until the floor toms were unplayable and the cymbals were brushing up against me.

Without a microphone I couldn't get the other guys' attention nor could my lovely wife/drum tech understand what I was trying to tell her. I finished off the song as well as I could, ended up throwing a drumstick at the bassist (!) to get the rest of the band's attention before they tried to kick off the next song, and spent about 5 minutes throwing a replacement clamp on (thank goodness I had one) before we could start off into the next song. Since then I have made sure to carry extra rack clamps, and I have replaced all my old T-clamps.


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My first gig. A party. 16 years old. Playing for just a few months. First song - kick pedal straight through the skin.


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I just remembered a bad drumming experience or a funny one.

I was with the Kenny Vernon Tro and we were opening night at the Show Boat in Las Vegas. I had a pearl set of drums with a thron seat. The back of the Band stand Fell off into a three foot hole where they stored chairs and the like. My Thron was on the edge of the band stand in the back. I always liked to rock my thron when I played. The announcer was saying, "Ladies and Gentlemen, For your listening pleasure, the Kenny Vernon Trio". I tilted my Seat back and dissappered into the Black Hole Behind me. The boys were into "Walk right in set right down" and looked around and I was gone. The boys stopped and just looked and the curtain came down. I was pulled out and reset my self and the announcer said, "Ladies and Geltlemen, Once again, For your listening pleasure, The Kenny Vernon Trio. The curtain went up and the whole place was on its feet applauding us. We could do nothing wrong that night. We were a total success......... We did get invited back.


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So the moral of this story....Do some sort of pratfall and win the crowd over?

Great story, glad you weren't hurt


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ROFL @ Curly's disappearing act. Magnificent effort :)

I remember being at a gig where the lights were set either side of the bass drum, very close. The drum caught fire mid-song. Talk about pyrotechnics ...


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Our humble band just landed a great rehearsal spot - a sports bar with a killer PA system. The house set is a Pearl Forum, not too bad, but the drums need a serious tuning. The cymbals are trash can lids, but seeing the bar owner's view, I'd prefer not to spend a fortune on cymbals since this kit is used for open mic nights. Probably a wise choice.

Our first rehearsal there I got to talking to the bar owner's brother as he was the PA guy and I asked him if I could make several adjustments to the kit, like move some of the cymbals around, lower them, move a tom around, etc. He looked a me with the funniest expression on his face. I thought, "Oh no, I really screwed this up for us" as I thought I'd get a good butt chewing. Instead his expression turned almost angelic as he simply smiled, thanked me for even asking and told me to change them around as I see fit. That experience was good, as I stayed after our band rehearsed and sat in for some other guys playing - including the owner's brother - since their drummer didn't show.

Probably the absolute worse experiences I EVER had were in public school bands - junior high and high school - continually having to put up with inflated egos, universe-sized jerks, bullying, etc. I wasn't until AFTER I graduated that I learned that not all musicians were egotisicial, arrogant, rude jerks....