Backing Tracks


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Where are folks getting drum less backing tracks? Preferably for free just hanging out there?

I generally have no problems playing along to a full release on my iPod, but I want to

1. "Fly solo" and rely on my own creativity and sense of time instead of the recorded drummer

2. Mix my "own" songs, so I can kind of keep track of my general improvement playing with a backing ensemble.

I generally play any sort of rock from the 50's to the 90's, and would like any sort of jazz standards to just improve my time. Nothing esoteric.


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I did a search on this site. Some of the links were old, but here are some that work.

From Drummerworld post

From Vic Firth

Drum Magazine Play Alongs

Rush Play-along tracks

White Stripe's Play Along

V-Drums had a bunch on the Roland site. I think it changed to the Friend Jam program