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Has anybody here ever tried to put together a classic rock band that played songs from the era that were a little more obscure? I like the music from that era but get real sick of hearing the same songs over and over.

Do you think audiences would appreciate it? I have had this discussion with bandmates before and they say people want to hear tunes they recognize. I think that people would go for a band that play a few of the well known hits but played mostly the more obscure songs. Hence the title B sides.

I talk to my non-musician friends and they agree with me.

What is the experience here?


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I've always wanted to be in a band that play Radiohead B-sides. Just for the hilarity of it all. I can't see too many people being familiar with 'Punchdrunk Lovesick Singalong' or 'Lewis (Mistreated)', 'When Bluebirds Fly' or 'These are my Twisted Words'.

In terms of commercial decisions, I wouldn't do it if you wanted to make money. If you were in a 'real' tribute band and the fans of the music have come to see that music performed, then B-sides are fair game. You'd expect some of the audience to know them. Otherwise, unless specific audience members are (by coincidence) fans of the band, you're going to struggle getting any recognition of those songs.

Very popular bands, maybe. I'd wager that most (especially later) Beatles B-sides are known. Maybe Led Zeppelin and a few others. Beyond that, it'll be a struggle.


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Between 1962-1967 a rock band I was in played all kinds of obscure tunes, including many
B sides off what are now classic rock recordings. Everyone loved it then.

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I would like to think that people would appreciate the attempt to freshen things up, but. I would like to think a lot of things ...

As our single celled friend said, it probably wouldn't be as good a commercial decision as playing the A-sides but every now and then an odd thing will catch on.