Auditions - Demand for local Drummers


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Lately there has been a lot of ads on the local community website "Musicians Wanted" for drummers...Currently, I'm with a group doing gigs and rehearsing covers and original music plus doing studio session work at a studio when they call me...Also jamming with loose knit group off and on...I'd like to answer a couple of the ads as I like playing with different groups, however, I'm afraid of spreading myself thin...Also, If I audition for different groups, there is the possibility that I wouldn't want to play with them, correct ? You don't know until you meet them...What do you tell people if you're not interested but they are ? I'm not wanting to come across as egotistical with anyone but would rather be truthful...What is the limit for involvement with various groups ? Anyone run into this situation ? I love playing but also don't want to mess with people...My word is my commitment...


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It's happened to me a couple times. First time was an experience... Didn't take long to realize it just wasn't right fit. Nothing wrong with the band, other than lame choice of material, and they were very friendly during the "audition". They also had a hard time taking "thanks, but no thanks" for my final answer.

Easiest way to handle it is by being honest with yourself and the band FROM THE BEGINNING, and split the instant you know it ain't your style. After all, music is supposed to be fun!
It's great that you are considering the feelings of others and consider your word to be very important.

Are you a full time player that makes a living in music?

I'm a full time player and make my living that way. In my city (and in many cites), it is necessary to work as a freelance musician with many groups to make a living because there aren't a lot of full time bands around my city. In this case I can play with as many people as I need to as long as I honour the comittments that I make. In other words, I won't cancel one gig to take another gig that I've been offered. When "Band #1" offers me a gig and I am previously booked and therefore not available for the gig they respect the fact that I am loyal to the committments I've made and say no. "Band #1" is not that disappointed that I wasn't available for their gig because they know it works both ways. They know that if that if I agree to do a gig with them on a particular date and then "Band #2" offers me a gig that conflicts with it that I won't cancel on them. Of course there are some bands who won't hire me unless they need a fill in drummer for a gig because they insist on full band member status which is fair enough.

That being said if you are joining these groups as a full band member rather then working with them as a freelancer whenever you are available, then I guess you will cross a line at some point with a certain number of bands where you won't be able to live up to your comittments to all of them as a full band member. But even full band members have other things going on that would prevent them from being available for all of a bands committments (weekend trips to the cottage etc..).

I guess it depends on what kind of committment each band is looking for and what kind of committment you can offer. Hope that helps.