Audition for bands


Hey I really want to gig with a cover band and not sure how to find one. Everyone I contact on craigslist wants to see a video of me playing. Any recomendations of what I should play and how to record? I only have a cell phone and a Nicon digital camera.

No Way Jose

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Have a friend video record about 20 seconds of you playing drums along with Bad Moon Rising or Brown Eyed Girl. Send the video to people.

Bo Eder

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Or make a series of clips of you playing various beats ro various songs, and upload them into a library on Youtube, or if they're all shorter than one-minute, put them in an Instagram account. Whatever is easier for people to access.

I have serveral videos on a YouTube channel and just send links out to people who want to see them. I'm working on making shorter videos for Instagramming, but Instagramming is better done if you record everything on your phone. I have a couple of Zoom video recorders so it's harder to get those videos edited outside of my phone and back into my phone for Instagram. The YouTube path is what I started before Instagram became popular.


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Take lessons. Explain your goals to your teacher, who will refer you to gigs that are appropriate for your skill level. I refer students whenever possible.

You need to demonstrate some competency to someone who is connected in your local music scene. Craigslist posters? Don’t bother.

Rattlin' Bones

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The advice on competency in the local scene is spot-on. It's all about connections. Local open jams are one way to make connections. A teacher is another. I got connected to my current trio when I was jamming at a friends art gallery every Sunday (Drink and Draw), and a player who showed up one Sunday was a local veteran blues/jazz musician who happened to be putting a new group together and needed a drummer. It happens like that sometimes.

About Craigslist: Sometimes a new group won't want video clips they will just want to "audition" you or jam with you. Keep looking on Craigslist something may pop up. Or just put your own ad on Craigslist "Drummer Looking For Cover"; go fishing and see who responds.


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It's been my experience that you need to play music that's popular around you if you really want to play out. While I enjoy playing rock and roll, there's not a lot of rock bands around here...especially those who are wanting a 40-something-year-old drummer. These days, I play Americana music, I actually get paid, and I'm home well before midnight. This was not of my initial choosing, but I decided to lose my ego and play with folks who would have me. Gigs are REALLY SLIM around here, so I'm just happy to get what I can get.

If cover bands are big in your area, you'll get a lot more business. If they aren't, then you won't.