Attn: Canadians - CBC music drum giveaway draw

CBC music (fyi for non- canadians, CBC is the Canadian Broadcasting Corp) is having a 'Drum Month' that I've just been made aware of. They're having a drum giveaway that you can enter online. To be eligible you need to be Canadian and over the age of majority. If that's you, you can enter here:

The prize is:
a Pearl Masters MCX 4 piece shell pack (MCX924XSPC800 in Quilted Bubinga Sunburst) plus a Masters MCX 14x14 Floor Tom (MCX1414F) and a Pearl SensiTone Elite 5”x14” Nickel-Plated Brass Snare (STE1450BR). Also a Pearl 5 piece hardware pack (HWP-900), a Pearl Tom stand (T900 w/2-TH-900S) and a Pearl Drum Throne (D930). And a Sabian 25005XXP AAX cymbal pack that includes: 14" Stage Hats, a 16" Xplosion Crash, a 18" Xplosion Crash and a 20" Stage Ride. Total approximate retail value of the prize is: $5,600.