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I was recently offered a subbing gig a couple times a month on Fridays when the active drummer could not play. I have been working on the entire setlist, have communicated to them that I am ready anytime and even recorded and sent them a couple tunes of me playing their covers. Now all of the sudden, the drummer can do Fridays. So am I getting the run-around or what? Kind of seems that way. At least they could say, "well, he is able to now so we won't need you afterall"..

A friend of mine at work suggested that I "scared" the other drummer with my playing. But now I'm starting to question my playing. No feedback, did it suck? wth? Hmm.

Ahh, to be a drummer..


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Anything is possible.Don't sweat the small stuff.Yes they should have had the class and decency to at least let you know what was going on,but they didn't.Maybe their drummer did hear foot steps behind him.I think you sending some recordings may have been the deal breaker.They might have called their drummer and said....hey listen to this guy.Let it go...happens all the time.Just learn the lesson from the experience.

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It could actually mean that the other drummer became available after all. I know a LOT of drummers, and none of them are concerned about having a sub now and then, so I doubt he was scared back into doing the gigs. And I assume you can play, so it's not that you're not good enough for them.

It's probably just harmless, with nothing to communicate. Perhaps they'll keep you on their list for future subbing.


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I don't think you should question your drumming. Call them & ask for the truth. If you've taken all that time & trouble to learn their set, the very least they can do is tell you how it is. What a bunch of bankers!


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Sounds to me like whoever communicated to you, and I'm guessing it wasn't the other drummer, just wanted to cover the bands behind for the gigs. Just in case. Lo and behold, it was unnecessary, unless they do still call you. But who really knows? Maybe they didn't like your drumming, or maybe you did make the other guy nervous. Maybe the other drummer's plans for some Fridays never materialized. Sucks to be in limbo. The universe will pay you back for your honest effort at a later date.