Are skype lessons effective?

Odd-Arne Oseberg

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What would an 8 year old be doing with SKYPE, hahaha! (I think, anyway, you can do that, teach how to hold the sticks to an 8 year old child through SKYPE).

Whatever, I think "Out Of Warranty" is a little bit older than that...

Best regards to Norway! (Jon Christensen, etc.)

P.S.: Actually I´m teaching a 7 year old kid Kojo Roney licks because is his idol (he learned about him from me).
Yeah. Different worlds.

I work mostly with teenagers who dig Mike and Lars with big holes in their basic training, so the first period is pretty much opening their eyes and ears to different types of music and get them motivated to and enjoy the benefits of solid fundamenal skills. Also just understanding what it's all about in a group setting.

Some young kids too of course, with the main challenge being that these teenagers are the closest thing they have to any sort of inspiration.

I might contact you for some Skype lessons myself at some point. I'm great at teaching kids and have a very wide perspective there, but there are lots of things I want to work on myself. The main reason why, along with papers that will increase work opportunities, I'm still considering a jazz master program at my ripe old age.
So, kick drum...or...bass drum? I'll tell you what. If it's 18" or less, it's a FOOT TOM.


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I haven't had direct experience with Skype lessons, but I do know that at least some developmental things need to be conveyed with someone looking and listening over your shoulder, with immediate, sometimes physical feedback and correction. It may be something as simple yet crucial as moving the student's fingers or wrist into a certain position, or demonstrating certain stroke inflections.

But I would agree that the resources available from online instructors (as well as books) far outweigh the knowledge available from a single teacher in one-on-one lessons. If I was going to return to taking lessons - and several bandmates have suggested it's a good idea! - I would seriously consider a Skype instructor.

Yep. Skype lessons are good for some things and not as good for other things. It depends on what you need to develop and where you are in your learning. Trying shouldn't hurt.


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I think Skype lessons can be valuable.

As many said before me - it depends on the situation.

If you are a new student, you probably want to sit face to face with a teacher.

If you are intermediate or advanced, you don't want lessons from the hack teaching in the local music store. :) You can use Skype to get some advanced coaching by some of the finest players and teachers on the planet. That wasn't possible 30 years ago without getting on a plane.

Out Of Warranty

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A lot of good stuff. Thanks to all for taking the time to respond.

What I am hearing is that it depends. Skype may be “effective” for some things, but not others. As such, I should have explained what I am looking for to give the OP some context.

I'm in my late 50s and like many, I started on the pads as a child and played all through my teens in the 70s. The drums got packed up when I left home, life happened, and I never got back into them until around 3 years ago.

I'm not the greatest, but I don't suck. My straight 8 stuff is respectable. I work on coordination and can handle some level of syncopation and 16th notes between the hats. I can read. I have a modest vocabulary, but it’s musical. It works with the music that I normally play to – soft singer/songwriter stuff from back in the day. I’m not doing any Bozo impersonations and don’t expect to impress anyone. I’m just having fun “studying” the drum.

However, I want some structure. I feel like I am all over the place. Where I want to take my drumming seems to change with whatever the last song I hear in the car. I guess I want a coach more than a technique instructor – someone that can develop a plan forward and then hold me to it even if it’s just once or twice a month. This Skype thing may work for that.

Thanks again for the replies. It was exactly what I was looking for.