Are 13" toms obsolete?


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In a set up like 10, 13, 16, they'd be fine but I hate when kits are 10, 12, 13, with 14 and 16 floors. As big and clunky as 13's are for rack toms, I'd rather just have a slightly shallow 14" rack tom.


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I'm a big fan of even intervals as it seems to make tuning much easier for me. If I want 3 toms, I go 10/13/16 and 10/12/14/16 when I need 4. My theory has always been to buy all the available add on tom sizes when you get a kit if possible. Everything will be discontinued and finding one later on is difficult.
I still regret not getting a 16x18 floor tom to go with my mahogany/birch Starclassic kit.
The next kit will be a 9 pc. because you just never know.....


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My bad, I really thought he used a 24. At least I did not say he used a 26 or 28!
Ringo Starr actually invented the 40" bass drum for set use. It was later retrofitted to a stand, and lo, the first orchestral bass drum was born! He was also a big fan of 4" and 6" toms, I hear.
My first post! Hello drummerworld drummers!

Have been using a DW13 x 10, 16 x 16 and 22 x 18.
I've found it only really sounds good to my ears if it's tuned pretty low (possibly due to the depth) and it's not especially versatile insofar as I can only take it out for rock gigs. Obsolete?? Definitely not, though I suspect a 12 would be more versatile or possibly justa 13 with a shallower depth?


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too small.

15" rack and 20" floor is where it's at.

(disclaimer: "lol jk." to each their own)