anyone who knows about using electronics with your acoustics or click tracks?


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So i'm looking to do one of two things with my current live setup.

1. get some sort of in ear thing going on where I can have a click. Could be as simple as an mp3 file of the click through some in ear buds or as crazy as a in ear monitor setup.

2. the other option is that i have a yamaha dtxtreme. I was thinking about using two of the pads and the brain live. I'd like to run the drum sounds to the pa, and just have the click track and pad sounds in ear. Is this possible? Basically I want to hear the click, but don't want anyone else to.

What are your opinions on the best way to go about one of the two? Have you plaid to a click live? How did you do it?

Thanks in advance.


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I've done it many different ways for different situations.

The easiest is just have a metronome plugged into a simple head phone amp and some ear buds.

The first way I ever did was I have an old Alesis HR16 drum machine, running into a head phone amp and some simple ear buds. The HR16 had a foot switch jack, so I put a foot switch (like a keyboardist would use) so I could turn the click on and off with my foot.

In another band, the keyboardist has some sequences programmed, so I ran a midi out from the keyboard to my HR16, and set the HR16 to recive midi time from the keyboard.

I've also created custom clicks to line up with loops and backing sound effects, and them dumped it down to DAT tape, with the click only on the right side with some "music", and all most of the "music" on the left side. The right side goes into my head phone amp, and the left side goes to a direct box and out to the house. Although now I think it would be easier to just use an Ipod type device rather than haul around a dat player.

But to keep it simple, you may want to check out the Tama Rhythm Watch. I've never used one personally, but it's a popular choice for a live click.


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It's not the most flash unit in the world but the Korg MM2 MetroGnome clips on to your ear and provides a mobile click track. If you play loud, though, I doubt it will cut through.


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