Anyone using Fat Cat snare wires?


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I've always been a Puresound guy but Fat Cat's seem to have have some unique features such as pitch and no pitch and dual adjustable tension.
I was thinking of trying out the no pitch for a drum with a very shallow snare bed that I would like to get a bit more snare sound. I tried a 42 strand Puresound but it really added ring to the drum. Any Fat Cat fans out there?


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I guess everyones using Puresounds for a reason. Maybe I'll take a flyer and post how I like them.

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I switched from Puresound to Fat Cat, and I like them WAY better.
The fat cats seem to last me a little longer, not that I ever broke puresounds, but I did strech them out over time.

On my 6.5" x 14" Brass and 7" x 14" Maple I have 30 strands on, and on my 5.5" x 14" Brass I have 20 Strands.
They came on my Ahead black on brass 14x6.5 ... I love them. I think they are far better than the PS Blasters I have on my 14x8 Pearl Maple snare