Anyone suggest good drum bags?

I need some that aren't the Beato ones from Guitar Center. I bought a set 5 years ago and the zippers broke on most of them...I'm not rough on them either

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Protection Racket - never had an issue. Standard bags are bombproof, AAA rigid cases are epically good :)
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I have some Beato, Kaces, Protection Racket and I'm pleased with all of them. For floor toms I will order slightly oversized depth to try and accommodate leaving the legs on. I will also say that even with the bags I tend to be careful in handling so probably have not put my bags to task in terms of preventing dents, etc.

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Best. Sales pitch. EVER.
Hahaha, of course, I'm joking :) We do supply AAA cases with our drums, but TBH, the ordering process is a PITA. For kit sizes, we have to order 4 months in advance. That's a big bottleneck right there. They are just about the best conceived product out there for the general working drummer though. Rigid enough to offer protection against all but the most extreme accidents, cosseting on the inside, soft on the outside so car loading friendly, & extremely lightweight. Bags are cool too, just not quite as cool.


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In terms of fabric options can I give a big shout out for Stagg Professional Bags.

I'm quite a supporter of them as a company...I love their DH, Furia and Myra cymbals, which in turn lead on to me buying some decent headphones from them. Best headphones I ever used.

Didn't realise they made drum bags until trying to find one for my deep Gretsch bass drum bag...awkward size. The one I found was, Stagg.

Superb quality. Cheap at something like £40. And thickly buffeted all around (velvet and high density foam) and especially on the top and bottom areas around the drum rim (which from my experience are the bass drum parts which tend to get buffeted against doors BY CLUMSY F'ING GUITAR PLAYERS...)

And, the zip is high quality, strong, and very long lasting. I find the zips to be the achiles heel of such drum bags.

I'd love hardcases....but these are a very good second choice and have warranted me looking into their polyethylene boxes.

They do some really good, decent quality stuff as a company these days. Really under-rated. And if they are ever looking for an endorser, ahem...ahem....hahahaha


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Another vote for Stagg. I have been using mine for 4 years and they are very good. Cheap, compared to Protection racket, but the zips are all still fine and no loose stitching yet.

They dont have the lovely wooly lining like the H.C bags, I have one for one of my snares, but for the money I really cant fault the Stagg's, the lining is not as thick but it still protects the drums.

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Just my 2 cents-
I have a couple of Roadrunner bags that are well made and are holding up well. They were priced pretty well, less than some of the others for sure.

I also have some of the Ludwig Pro bags- the red ones-, and I'm very happy with them. They have rigid sides which makes loading out very easy. Heavy duty zips and plush insides. I especially like the hardware bag in this line. Depends if you have an issue with the Ludwig name on the bag if you play another brand- that might be another thread


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another HUGE endorsement of the H&B Drum Seeker bags! if you are into rugged cloth / fake-lamb lined bags, they are the best i have ever owned. nice zippers, rigid inserts for stacking drums, lining great for cats to sleep in, handles, etc. i own (3) sets of them & had to color code them w/ duct tape & sharpies. only CON is the stickbag & cymbal bag longevity (great function but have worn out)...but the drum cases are TOPS.