Anyone skilled with making drumless tracks?


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I could really use one... Anyone willing to take this on for me? Willing to pay a little if I have to.


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Just be aware that there is no magic wand to remove drums from an existing mix. It sometimes works with removing vocals because they're generally panned dead centre, but even that is no perfect science.

Every drumless truck I have ever heard was released without drums in the mix at all, or was a recording done by other musicians.


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I'm not sure what you're asking you want someone to record the guitar/bass parts from the song?


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You can completely mix your own Karaoke track at and pay a few $ to download the mp3. As suspected, they offer mostly pop/rock/classic/dance hits and they don't have the Periphery track, but there might be some other fun stuff there.



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Fantastic, thanks! I should be good, I found another on youtube. Thanks for all the help!


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I wonder if all these "drum karaoke" people are paying their BMI / ASCAP licensing. Because that can get rather pricey if they're not.


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Most of the drumless on youtube are fake, they are always like few seconds faster/slower than the original song