Anyone regret selling a vkit?


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After recently moving into a house I was finally able to get myself an acoustic kit. I much prefer playing the a-kit so I don't play the v-kit (Roland

Has anyone sold an e-kit and regretted it?

I would love to upgrade the snare and cymbals on my a-kit but I'd need the cash from the sale of the Roland to do that.

Any advise?


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I have both. When my buddy comes over to jam I use the e-kit with superior drummer to control the volume in my garage. I had a Yamaha E-Kit I sold and for awhile it was just the acoustic. Once my buddy started coming over I needed a E-kit again. I would say keep it but if you really want a new snare and cymbals I can understand.


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No, I have never regretted selling electronic drums. I only had an Octopad, a DW pedal with MIDI pickup (remember those??), a TD7 "brain," and a couple of other pads. I'm a big advocate of acoustic over electronic. I would rather play an acoustic set with Hot Rods or brushes (or even a djembe) over playing electronic drums, but that's just me.

The only way I would be hesitant to sell is if you foresee ever needing that e-kit again. E-kits are way too expensive to keep buying and re-buying. Some folks LOVE recording e-drums because they are really "easy" to record. It's very plug-n-play.

To answer your question, I have never regretted getting rid of my electronic drums. Never really thought about them. YMMV though.


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I had a TDW-20 with a bunch of extra mesh heads and 4 cymbals.

I sold it because I wasn't playing it enough and I had 2 acoustic kits. after selling it I resized how great it is for practising and not annoying the wife sometimes.

I got a TD11 now but I kinda regret not having the monster TDW20. that thing was awesome.


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Work the pads into your acoustic setup. Trigger all kind of sounds from them. Get the Gibraltar e-kit stand set and put your existing cymbal booms on them.

I daydream about doing that. The only thing that's stopping me is I don't have an e-kit.


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I sold my TD-30KV a while back and converted an acoustic kit. Then I sold the acoustic kit... so now I just have all the components waiting to be transferred to another acoustic kit. I miss the electric kit though. I feel like I can actually let loose on it and play hard without driving my wife and dog crazy. They are also good for practicing sticking and learning muscle memory for difficult fills without, again, driving someone crazy as you practice. I don't regret selling my e-kit, but I do miss having an e-kit available to play.

Matt Bo Eder

I had the Roland TD10 kit when it was the bees knees and don't regret selling it at all. I continue to question why I bought it in the first place - that was the most expensive practice pad kit ever.


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I only regret not getting my Roland kit sooner..... :)

It's a godsend for being able to practice without bothering the wife and kids. Plug my phone or mp3 player into it, and away I go.

Is it the same feel as a proper acoustic kit? No.

Does it give me a way to practice when otherwise I would not be able to do so, yes.

To the OP's point, if he really needs the $$$ to make his acoustic kit complete, and the only way is to sell the e-kit, that truly depends on how much he uses/needs the e-kit. If it's just sitting there unplayed, and he doesn't enjoy using it, why not turn it into gear for the acoustic kit? Or on the other hand, he does use it enough, perhaps it will be unwise to sell it, only to wish he still had it down the road.

He's gotta answer that, to his own satisfaction, to get the best answer.


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Like others have mentioned, I enjoy having an e-kit for quiet practice when everyone is at home. I also like being able to dial in different sounding kits to match songs I'm playing along to. However, if you truly enjoy your acoustic kit and haven't played your e-kit since moving into your house, I would say that selling it to finance a new snare and cymbals is the way to go. You can always rethink the e-kit down the road and they probably will be better than what you have now.


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No, I do not regret selling off my V-drums.

My only regret is I still have some e-drums odds and ends laying around.


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Seems like a pretty even split. As for me, I do regret selling my Rolands. My advice is to keep hold of them and save $ to buy the cymbals and snare.
I would regret selling mine. I play in two working bands. Most of my practice time is when the wife and kids are sleeping. I'll always be an acoustic player, but I'm using a hybrid kit live now. Just a multi pad and some triggers. Adds alot if done correctly.


I very briefly had one prior to buying an acoustic kit and I hated it.

That said, it sure would be convenient for quiet practice when the baby is sleeping. I can't justify having one though.


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I had a big Roland TD20 kit and it was my only drumset for a few years.
Now i have a few acoustic sets and have sold the TD20 because i never used it.
Noise is on a concern at my place.
The biggest issue i have with ekits is the dynamic. The feel of hitting the drums is ok to me.

mike d

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I have a DTX 550 that I bought before my a-kit, after a hiatus from drumming. It served me well and rekindled my love of drumming. I still have it and use it when playing with a "garage band" that practices at work. I would love to use my a-kit, but it would be too loud. To me, an a-kit takes much more control to play and sound good. The nuances just don't work on an e-kit. They have their place, and I still own one, but if I had to choose, it would be an a-kit all the way!


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I had a low end Yamaha e-kit a few years ago for MAYBE two months before I sold it on craigslist and I don't regret getting rid of it one bit!
The pads were solid rubber and made a lot of noise especially the bass drum pad, my downstairs neighbor filed a noise complaint on me with my apartment complex because of the bass drum pad.
The dynamics were TERRIBLE you could tap on a pad or bash on it and get basically the same volume.
The cymbal sounds were horrendous and the drum sounds weren't anything special either!

If I had saved up and gotten a mid range/high end Roland e-kit instead of the Yamaha I probably wouldn't have gotten rid of it so quickly but I definitely wouldn't still have it, no e-kit I've played matches the feel and dynamics of an acoustic kit and if there's one out there that does I DEFINITELY can't afford it!