anyone order from sweetwater?


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My experience has always been A+ with Sweetwater and the owner is a super nice guy that does a lot of good for others.


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I do. I've done it so often I've been assigned a sales associate who sends me emails or gives me a call to ask if there's anything I need. Apparently we're on a first-name basis ;)
Same here. Whether I order something for $5.00 or $5,000 I get a phone call thanking me and asking me if my purchase arrived OK. IMO, they have the best service in the business.

Dj magic d

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ordered many times from them, both from their ebay page, and the direct website. Never any problems, A+ operation, plus I usually get a follow up phone call about the order. They have definitely earned a repeat customer here.


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hey guys,

wanted to let you know that i got my drumhead in today. it was packaged really tight and shipping was fast.... i even got candy with my order!

i am super-satisfied with my order. i will be ordering my drumheads from sweetwater from now on.