Anyone here a member of P.A.S.?

Jeremy Bender

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I've never belonged due to the fact that I never considered myself a 'legit' player, but it looks like they've incorporated more drum set skills into their website and their annual conventions. So it looks to me like they've branched further out from the symphonic world.
Any member of the Percussive Arts Society here that can share their experience?


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Yes, I am a member. I also write reviews of drum set literature for Percussive Notes, their trade journal/magazine.

You are correct - PASIC has many different clinics going on at any given time. So you can choose to go to a marching, concert percussion, or drum set clinic.

You can have an ePAS membership, where you read the journal online - or a full membership with online and hard copy of the journal.



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PAS hasn't focused on orchestral playing in more than a decade, much to the chagrin of those who want them to. Issues of PN do contain a good variance of information (world percussion, drum set, keyboard, orchestral, timpani, research).

Bart Hodge

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I was a member for a few years about 25-30 years ago. The organization didn't do much for me personally but I did enjoy Percussive Notes from time to time.