anyone have any experience with ACRYLIC drums?

I used to play a 70's Ludwig acrylic. It was very popular back then for its unique looks. I had no problem whatsoever with its sound. Of course it's different from wood drums, but still there's nothing wrong with it. I can't describe the difference, I'll just say it's only a matter of taste. I don't mind having one now if the price is OK since I like the looks.


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I recently purchased a set of acrylic drums from Drum Craft . They are clear and have dark lugs and hoops, seamless clear shells, and professional quality heads right out of the box. I had a Crush acrylic kit before the Drum Craft kit and they were decent, but lacked the warm tonal qualities that I need to hear for a kit, so I sold them. The Drum Craft acrylic series 8 kit sound just fantastic! Really warm and punchy, and really loud. Great quality bearing edges, lug construction, and overall craftsmanship. I normally play DW Collectors Maple kits, and they are still my ultimate favorite kits, but I would seriously look into the Drum Craft acrylic kit as it is not too expensive and as I stated, they really rock... Good luck...



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Welcome to the forum.You just posted on a thread that is 6 years old,and the OP hasn't posted here since 2007.

He just may have already purchased his blinged out acrylic drums.:)

Steve B