Anyone has done survey on drum kit owners before?


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Hi fellow drummers,

I'm trying to gather data around how many people own drum kits at home and how many people use some kind of peripherals along with their drum kits when they're performing or practicing. I wonder if you know a place where I can get this data from.



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Yes read this entire site under the Your Gear section and you will find an entire thread full of ideas in the Other Gear section.
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It would be cool if we could do a survey, like the one that determined how many of us were pros, how many semi-pro, and how many "just for fun".

I wonder if the person who set that up could do another. We could start with the brand of drums you prefer (if any), then preferred cymbals, then extra columns for whether or not you use a gong cymbal or timbales or whatever.

How about it? I suppose it belongs in "Your Gear"


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And then someone can collate the data from the survey here with the same survey question that was posted to another drum forum this morning, as well...


It will be interesting, at least


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I'm happy to run a survey, however would I be able to post it in this forum? And obviously I'll share the results here as well.