Anyone from Academy of Contemporary Music?


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im planning on going to a music college like ACM or berklee etc etc etc the list goes on. any of you here from ACM or who knows about the school? is it a good school to go to in terms of environment,networks,facilities?


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I did a higher diploma music production course at ACM. The staff are generally pretty good people, but the place itself is a little strange in that there is not much of a community. The main building is tiny, so there's not really anywhere on site to hang around with other people. I think for us production students it was different because we didn't meet up and play with others, we were away from everyone else almost all the time, whereas instrumental students are put in bands and play together on a regular basis.

All in all...I can't say it's the very greatest place in the world, but on the other hand you might meet some interesting people.