Anyone else play The Drum Also Waltzes?


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I first came across Neil Peart's version, then dug around and found it had been done by people like Steve Smith, Bill Brufford, and originally of course by Max Roach.

I've just started practising it at home - and really enjoy the co-ordination challenges it throws up.

Having said that, does anybody here use it as part of their solo during gigs - and how is it received?

I play with a bar band in the UK and often take a solo, but I'm thinking The Drum Also Waltzes might be a bit too subtle or slow for a boozy bar audience.

I'd be interested in any opinions.



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I would really like to find a transcription of it. I don't have the time myself to transcribe it. If anyone knows where I can get it at let me know.

Zero Mercury Drummer

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I heard someone quote it at a local jazz club, so to explain to my friends why I was enjoying it so much, I found a bunch of examples of drummers playing it. - ?uestlove or - Ari Hoenig
Great playing, too Zero!
Thanks a lot!
A great way to get started is what I learned from Peart in an instructional book:
start the pattern with your feet, then just start with a single stroke roll.
Pretty soon, once you get a sense of where the hands fall with the feet, it's easy to start improvising.