Anyone else do this with a snare?

Super Phil

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I got a snare with wood hoops and really liked the sound, but the top wood hoop was definitely not going to last very long playing loud rock. So I took the metal hoop off another snare and put it on the top of this one, but left the wood hoop on the bottom. Still sounds great and has a kind of unique look. Any known disadvantages or anyone else doing this? I call it the 'Super Maple' lol.



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This will probably make most people's skin crawl, but I would have done that in a second to save the original hoops. I almost picked up a used PDP with wood hoops a while ago and had cast hoops just waiting for it. The cast hoops still sit, waiting for the right snare. Nothing wrong with leaving the bottom one as is. Looks pretty cool from behind this iPad!


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Aside from a fashion statement ,I can't see the reasoning behind those types wood hoops anyway.

I use ply wood hoops on one of my snares ,but to use the hook style unless it's a throw back fife and drum corps thing,makes no practical sense.

Rim shots would tear those style of hoops apart in a few weeks and there goes your "style" statement.

Plus ,the claws get in the way of a rimshot.

Too much fashion and no common sense.


I've done the opposite- wood on top, triple flange on bottom.