Anybody use a drum tuner?


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Does anybody use one of these drum-tuning gadgets that are appearing on the market?

I've played for many years and always (hopefully) managed to get a good sound out of my kits.

However, this has always been based on 'my ears' - and basically just tuning each drum to itself, and having the bottom head slightly tighter.

The option of more precise tuning, which these drum tuners seem to offer, seems quite appealing.

I'd be interested to hear anybody's experience/opinion.



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I got the tune-bot drum tuner back when it came out. Overall Id say its a good product. I had tuned by ear before and was always able to get each drum to sound good but getting exact intervals across the set with the same pitch bends between the heads was tricky. So I like it for initial tuning of the whole set and for detail tuning if I'm going to record. However for live use I still just tune by ear because its so much faster and accurate enough that no-one could tell the difference listening. So if for $100 accurate intervals is important or you want exact notes for in the studio I would recommend it over the drum dial because it actually uses frequency to tune instead of tension which can vary with used heads. Otherwise keep rocking and buy some new heads or something.


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I've used a DrumDial for maybe 10 years or so. I'm to the point now where it's basically just to double-check myself. I tune by ear, then run the DrumDial around the head and check the readings. I'm usually only off by no more than one number, and I can usually tell where I'll be on the dial as well. Still, it's good to have that reassurance.

gaz farrimond

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I use a Drum Dial to speed up head replacement as I use quite large set-ups. It gets me into the ballpark then fine tune by ear. What annoys me is when people call them drum tuning devices when they are not; if you don't know how to tune, no 'device' will be able to help you.


I looked into the tunebot but decided that I am just going to try one of the many apps on my phone to do it for practically free.


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I use a drum-dial to get me into range quickly, then finish the fine tuning by ear. It always gets me pretty darn close.


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In my 25 years of playing drums, I've been tempted to buy a tuner, or drum dial, or tension watch, what-have-you, but I haven't. My drums sound great all the time, I'd like to think I am pretty decent at tuning drums.

Not saying they shouldn't be bought. If they help you make your drums sound better to you and help you with tuning, then it did it's job.