Anybody have a good 16 or 18" djembe suggestion?


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Yup, Remo mondo. I've played mine with hands, brushes, and rods. I love the fact that it's tuned with a key too. I really don't feel like learning another skill set right now (in regards to tuning with the cord/string on more traditional djembes). I think I have the 18" version, can't remember.

Look for these on the used market because last time I checked, the resale on these aren't that great.

This has GOT to be a misprint:

If it's not, GRAB IT!

Heck, here's another. These things really DO have a bad resale value:


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I think only Remo makes those. I liked the 14" (with the fiberskyn head) but the slaps and tones didn't cut well enough for traditional djembe, the head was to thick and stiff, sort of barky and ringy. It was a shame though because it was fabulously comfortable to play.

IMO the large Remo djembes are for people that want a mini timpani.