Any brass arrangers amongst us?

Diet Kirk

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I have a little musical project that I need some help with.

The basic premise, imagine a metal/rock band fused with a New Orleans Brass Band.

Currently I have written to a semi finished level 4 tracks, with another in the pipeline. At this stage it is all about writing the tunes and getting them into cubase digitally in order to entice some vocalists to get involved.

At that point I will probably look unto recording everything properly, but I don't want to run before I can walk.

My biggest problem is that I am learning the guitar as I go and learning the programming/composition of the brass parts as I go, all whilst trying to get my head around some music theory.

I need some help mainly with the brass parts. I obviously want the parts to be feasible and playable by real brass musicians, and I need someone with that kind of knowledge to help me tighten up the brass elements and firm up their arrangements.

Anybody here have a talent for brass arranging and an interest in combining two slightly odd genres? Or indeed do any of you guys play with horn players who might be interested?


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Post some PDF's of your brass parts and we'll be in a better position to help. Well, full score would be better. It's hard to help someone with writing when there is nothing to read to get the idea. General Beginner Composer Advice: Try not to get stuck relying on a computer program, write your music by hand first etc.

Diet Kirk

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Unfortunately the only way I can write/play/come up with this stuff is by ear and by messing around and playing.

There is no way I would be able to come up with anything just sitting with a blank sheet of paper. I'm not even sure I'd call what I'm doing here composing.

I think I can export score based on the midi files in cubase? I can investigate that when I get home tonight.

But otherwise all I can really do is let you hear the ideas as they stand right now.

This is the heaviest, proggiest, metaliest of the three.

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Guitar and bass provided by a good mate of mine, and its basically his idea bar the middle 8.

V1 -

V3 - overly heavy, and I think the pre-verse should ideally be a combination of version 1 and 3.

Think Dillinger Escape Plan meets, Balkan Wedding, meets Breakdowns!


This one isn’t quite fully formed yet.