Any advice on mounting bass drum as tom?


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I have a 20" Tama bass drum left over from a friend's old set; it's the same color as my current set, and I'd like to figure out a way to mount it so I can use it as a big, big tom for accents, and adjust the angle if need be. I'm not interested in having a gong tom or something like that with heads a different size; I'd just like a really deep sound source on occasion. Does anyone have any suggestions on how I could accomplish this? I'm sure I'd next at least two tom stands, but other than that, I'm drawing a blank. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


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Where do you want to mount it? Over your kick drum like a rack tom? Or on the side like a floor tom? Or High up so you have to reach up to play it?

drummer girl09

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Just make it double bass drums. =D I don't really know how you would make it into a tom...interesting idea. I probably would never do it though, ha. But good luck.
I'm guessing you're looking to mount it on the floor to the far left or far right of the rest of your kit. The only thought that leaps to mind off hand is removing the bass drum spurs and trying to find some rack tom mounts to replace them with. Then you could theoretically have two tom arms on low cymbal stands to mount it and I'd think that would be secure enough. Cool project though, let me know how it turns out.


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This is a Ludwig concert band stand for holding a quad drum. That could probably be adapted for your use if you want to mount the drum high. You could use cymbal holders to replace the chrome hardware in the pic. Look under marching band supplies on the major music websites I found this one on Musicians friend. If you want to mount it like a floor tom then you can buy floor tom legs, drill holes and mount them just like a floor tom.



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Hey LouisianaJim,

Sounds like you want to make a bass drum gong.

You can order the parts you'd need: 2 Tom brackets, 2 tom stands with arm.

Pic #1 is a DW Gong Bass Drum,
Pic #2 is a Neil Peart set with a gong drum
Pic #3 is a DW single tom stand

Good luck.



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Thanks, rjsmv; that DW set-up is exactly what I was shooting for. I had a vague picture in my mind of what I wanted to do, and the pic you so kindly provided demonstrates just what I was envisioning. It actually shouldn't be that difficult, now that I look at it.

Also thanks to everyone else. I've always wanted to do this ever since I saw a picture of Vinny Appice when I was first started playing drums; Vinny had gong toms and bass drums mounted in the air all around him, and I always wanted to give that a try. Hopefully I'll have this up and mounted to the left of my hi-hat soon; I'll post pictues as soon as I get it all worked out. Thanks again, everyone.


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If the legs on the bass drum are about the same size as a cymbal arm you can use two of the following clamps...

... remove the telescoping leg extension and foot and slide the leg into the clamp. Then you will be able to adjust the bass tom to any angle and still have the use of the stands for cymbals.

$50 and you got it done. The DW set up will require you replacing the standard leg spurs with floor tom mounts and then of course getting their tom mount clamps for stands. Probably much more expensive.


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I thought the same idea; Todd Sucherman has a set up like what you may be thinking

but someone already made that suggestion...which was the only thing that came to my mind as well.

Let us see when you get er done!