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I had to go get several watch batteries replaced Saturday at an Antique Mall by me and came across a pretty sweet find. (Let me say the watch battery thing was a booth inside the antique mall that specializes in jewelry repair, watch repair, etc. It's about the cheapest place to get a battery replaced at $8.00 each.)

After I dropped the watches off I was told to come back in about 15 minutes and they'd be ready.

So being an antique buff, I spent my time browsing the aisles looking for something I just couldn't live without. Lo and behold, in the far back corner of the mall, sat a 20th anniversary Fender Stratocaster Squire guitar for $90 and it came with a free guitar stand.
After examing it a bit I took several pictures of it and uploaded it to Facebook to let friends know if they were in the market for a used guitar, they could find it at this place.

I didn't think much of it and picked up my watches and left. I get home only to find out SEVERAL close friends had inquired about it. One wanted me to buy it for her because she was in Oklahoma on business and would be back in town next month and she's sending a check right away. This gal is a good friend of my wife's so I thought it'd probably be okay to purchase it for her. If she doesn't come thru, several friends want it and I can always unload it at a second hand music store near me. My step daughter teaches clarinet there and the owner is a close friend of my wife's brother. So I'm pretty safe there.

Anyways, not knowing a whole lot about guitars since I'm a drummer, here are the two pics I took.

I've been told $90 is a good price. I HAD to spend Saturday playing it and "making noise" and using the rod to make "wah wah" sounds. Haha

What's the word out there? Good find for the money? Thanks!


Starship Krupa

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As a guitar player turned drummer, I say you got a reasonably good deal. They go for about $100 on Craig's List in my area, and you got a stand along with it.

It's hard to tell from the photo, but is that a metallic finish? If so, you got an even better deal. There were a couple of finishes that were specific to the 20th Anniversary, like British Racing Green.

My first Stratocaster was a 20th Anniversary Squier like yours and it was such a nice little axe that it kicked off a love for Strats that has continued unabated. It was just so much fun to play, with the whammy bar and all.