Another video of a drum record session with solos in each mic


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In this movie you can hear each mic separately.. a good experience

Recording drums on pro tools hd. Just test some volumes and solos before recording. Just a standart Sabian B8 to test the signal flow. The drum was a Mapex Venus with a Ton 10' V series and Evans Drumheads EC2S. Almost flat sound, just a litle eq trhough joemeek threeq on kick and snare, good sound, easy do mix I think.

D112 - Kick
Sm57 - Snare top
Beta 57 - Snare bottom
BeyerDynamic opus 53 - Hi Hat
MD 421 and E604 - Tons
C414 - Room
Avantone Ck-1 - Over Heads


Joemeek ThreeQ - Kick and Snare Top
Ua 710 - Snare Botton
Presonus Digitube - Hi Hat
Octopre MKII - Tons
Arsenal Audio Ar20 - Overs
Isa One - Room


Me too I want to hear drums, but in reality nothing is flat.
Almost all microphones have an eq curve so theres almost never a flat eq.
A lot of the time you hear drums but influenced by the microphone character.

So first you have D112 in the kick , that's got an eq curve
You got 2 mics on the snare so you got phase and polarity issues there
421's and 604's are completely different ...
You also got a whole army of different sounding pre amps.

The sound will never be true or indeed flat.
The only way to do that is use the same microphone for each drum as in the past.
Take a look at the floyds live in Pompei & you will see SM 56sd's .. that's an early SM58 with a switch .. even in the bass drum i do believe.

I'm not saying what your doing is wrong.
By using all those different microphones you already have a pre set eq on your drums.
is all i'm saying


ps. I use.
901 & 902 on the kick ( one in 1 out)
904's on the toms
1 x 57 off centre on the snare shell ( not directly at the head)
3 x km 182's for the glyn johns style oh set up
alan & heath mixer