Another kid who wants to start playing

Get a good tutor. If that's somehow unacceptable for you try "Rock Drumming System". I find it's a good and complex video school.


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I argee with starting out with a practice pad(not putting pad) and sticks and getting the proper instruction.I don't however agree with the aspect of specialization.

When I started playing,I was exposed to several genres of music,and I'm glad I was.Just learning how to play metal,which is NOT for beginners,or hip hop is cheating yourself out of a musical education.

I agree we all like certain kinds of music,but to just focus on one or two styles,instead of listening to,and at least trying to learn different styles,is just plain selling yourself short.

Give all of it a listen,and at least try to learn different styles.You may come to find, love Buddy Rich and his big band style of jazz,or the funky,country,rock,New Orleans sound of Little Feat,with the master,Richie Hayward on drums.

Don't place limits on yourself.:)

Steve B
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If you can't find an instructor in your area, there's an excellent website called where you make an account.

You find an instructor that seems to specialize most in what you want to learn and the music you want to play. You can request a lesson for whatever time works best for you. It's relatively inexpensive but it can be a slight hassle because you do pay lesson by lesson rather than on a monthly or weekly level.

Oh! and you also need a camera and a mic. The lessons will be one on one where you see the teacher and they see you.


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I'm from Albany, NY. Going to school at SUNY Binghamton. I personally like, as for drums go, metalcore such as parkway drive, etc, but I also like 90s hip-hop, some new hip-hop/rap, classical on very rare occasions, and some rock like Rage Against the Machine. Thanks for your responses. I'll definitely get praticing with the pad and try to find an instructor in Binghamton.


first off, welcome!!! where you from? what music do you like? start off with a practice pad and sticks, get a tutor/instructor and save for a kit… doesn't have to be a fancy one, work on your game before your gear!


In short, get an instructor. Lessons are the best way to go..


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Hey everyone, I've been wanting to play some sort of instruments for the longest, but definitely decided that drumming was the ultimate path to take.

I'm wondering how I can start out. I know it will take loads of practice.

I'm going to be a sophomore in college this year and have a bit of free time that I figured I'd fill learning to play something.

Again, how should I start out and progress?

My friend who is an excellent drummer gave me a pair of sticks and a remo putting pad and told me to just work on coordination, (my left hand is much weaker/slower), speed, basic stuff like paradiddles, and playing to the beat of songs.

What would be your guys' advice as to reach my goal? I enjoy drumming particularly from metalcore, but I would love to play to anything in the future.