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so to preface, after years of wanting to play the drums, i finally got a decent used set last week and i am loving it so far. the kit i got is a basic 5 piece pearl set with a zildjian hi-hat and a zildjian crash/ride. sure, it's fairly worn-out, but everything sounds good (to me, at least) for a entry-level kit--though i'm still experimenting with tuning.

the thing is, the store i bought the kit at had put tape on the tom drums, labeling them 1, 2, 3. they weren't looking ahead though, because the tape has ridiculously strong adhesive and is really hard to pull away, which i have refrained from doing. so my question is, is there some sort of applicant i can use to remove the tape/adhesive that won't damage the drum heads? i tried water, but that didn't seem to work. i was thinking bout tryin oil...?

sorry if this is in the wrong section, and thanks for any responses. also, to avoid making another thread, what do you guys recommend for cleaning the tarnish off of cymbals?

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I've used Goo Gone and Goof Off with no problems. Just soak the tape and let it sit for a while. It'll soften right up and you can then scrape it off. Do a second application to get whatever residue is left.

As always, when using any kind of chemical, test it on a small area first just to make sure it doesn't cause any damage.

As to cymbals, most people here are going to tell you to not clean them at all! Just a little water and dishwashing soap to remove the dust and dirt.


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some folks like the tarnish on cymbals, and some don't.
warm soap and water helps, but there are stronger ways, Brasso, or other metal polishes
use the search function on here type in 'cleaning cymbals'


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thanks, guys! i'll give your suggestions a go. i kinda like the tarnish-look too, but i was wonderin if that caused any problems with the cymbal's durability down the line. suppose not