An idea to steal


"Uncle Larry"
I thought of a product that might be pretty cool. I'll never make it but perhaps someone can steal the idea if it hasn't been done yet. I got the idea today playing my drums and looking at the second hand on my wall clock to keep time. (@ 60 BPM lol)
It's an electronic metronome, round backlit LED screen about 5" in diameter, with an electronic clock face, without the numbers, but with "second marks". A high contrast "second hand" starts where 12 would be, and you could deliniate the clock face to show each beat and numbered markers at every bar and measure. It would be easier to look at than a back and forth motion like on an old time metronome, with the added benefit of knowing how many bars passed by looking. On one clock face you could probably have at least 12 to 16 bars per revolution, maybe more. The "second hand" changes color on every beat 1. After the first revolution the numbered bar and measure markers change accordingly.

If you program it to play in 3/4 time, the clock face electronically changes to deliniate the bars according to 3/4 time. Same with other time sigs. Build it with a number of different ways to clamp it onto a stand or drum or dogbone so only the drummer can see the clock face, it's illuminated for dark stages.

I'd make it so you could program 100 songs, tempo and time sig and length, and it starts at song one and automatically starts song two when you tell it to by programming the song length. I'd make it so I could pause it. If the song goes long there's an override button you hit with the stick that just keeps it going. Plus easy to get at buttons that skip already programmed "songs" displayed on the set list part of the LED if needed. You could program it so it has time sig changes, tempo changes all when you say. Did I leave anything out?

I'd like to see one of these.


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How about a grandfather clock where you have a swinging pendulum thing to follow where the counts are, and a dial to show how many?

And if you're playing Impressions/So What, you can put tell tale markers on the measure counters so that you know where you are.


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thats a good idea larry, i deffinitly buy that for 4 easy payments of 29.95 just as long as you add a indicator light to signal when to grab another beer ;)
implementing in software would probably be most practical and a good little project for someone in school!

As far as field use -- a mobile platform would be practical (android OS, Iphone, even Ninentdo DS)


"Uncle Larry"
Really, that's the smarter way to go. Easier, just sell the software, no manufacturer costs. Duh.