Advice on making stainless steel shell


So, had an interesting conversation with my father in law about drums a few weeks ago. Got on the subject of how much I loved Gregg Keplinger's drums but couldn't afford one at the moment. So he, being a sheet metal guy, says he can probably make one for me at his shop. I mean, he doesn't know anything about drums but he knows eeeeverything about sheet metal. He used the snare drum from my kit as a template, and a few hours later I had a stainless steel snare drum. The next day we took it to a local jam session to "field test" it and it sounded great to my ears. All the drummers there were impressed as well and asked him if he could make one for them as well. I can't believe how well the thing turned out, but I'm wondering if we have a design flaw in it that'll make it unplayable in the near or long term. And since he got "orders" from other guys at the jam, I'd hate for anybody to waste money on a drum that they can't play in a few months or years.

I did some cursory research before the went to the shop. The material is 12 gauge stainless steel. He cut a flat piece of material to size, drilled the holes for the hardware, then rolled it to shape and welded it together. He ground the bearing edges to a smooth rounded over profile, no flanges or angles.
It flattens out a bit where it was welded so it's not perfectly round, but I assume that's something he can correct on the next one.

Anyway, any advice or pointers would be extremely welcome! Thanks!