Advice needed please - drumming virgin!


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Hi, i'm really hoping some of you guys will be able to offer me a bit of advice please. My son is about to start learning to play the drums. He's only 8 but is a bright kid and i'm fairly sure he'll stick at it. The thing is, although i have some knowledge of music and instruments, drums are not one of them, so when it comes to hunting for the right one, it's hard to know what to look for and what to steer clear of. Also when i go into music shops, the staff could pretty much tell me anything and i wouldn't know if they were being honest or just saw me coming! I don't want to spend a fortune, but on the other hand i don't want a cheap piece of chinese tat that will last weeks and sound awful. I've seen 2 second hand kits today which seem ok but i could be wrong! One guy wrote the details down as being a Sonor Force 207 (although i can only find 2007 online so maybe he wrote that wrong)'s got the heads/skins (?!) replaced with Evans ones which looked immaculate to me, and the kit is black...they're asking £229 for it. The second one was a Tama Swingstar in blue, also with Evans heads/skins and they want £249 for that one. Can anyone offer me and insight into these 2 kits? Thanks :eek:)


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Either kit could work in your situation. They're both decent entry-level kits from major manufacturers, so they'll definitely do the job. Will they sound as good as a pro-level kit? Of course not, but with the right heads and tuning, they'll sound pretty decent. And they should both last for a long time if they're taken care of. That said, I think the Sonor Force 2007 is slightly better than the Swingstars, especially since the seller put on new Evans heads. But all things being equal, I'd say the bigger deciding factor, especially for an 8-year-old, are the sizes. A standard kit with 12/13" toms, a 16" floor tom and 22" bass drum might be a bit big for him, while smaller sizes might fit him better. So if either of the kits has smaller 10/12" toms and 14" floor tom (with either a 20" or 22" bass drum), I'd probably go for that one. Hope this helps.


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My first and most crucial piece of advice is...take your time.

Drum kits come up for sale all the time, if you wait and learn a little bit you can really get a good deal on something that will take your boy through a few years at least.

If the kit is indeed a Sonor 2007 it's a decent deal for under $300 USD/CAD if it comes with cymbals of any quality and hardware.

If you want help identifying it you could ask for a few pictures, especially of the badges on the drums, and post them here.


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Nickropolis is right. Take your time. It can be just as exciting (if not more) for the parent sometimes when shopping for instruments.

Do not think with your emotions... that's where they'll get you every time!

Now, the drums are indeed important - The wood, the rims, the lugs, the mounting hardware, etc. But let's not forget that the quality of the head plays a most important role in this exercise. Like if you son is into classic rock type of music (for example), then Evans G2's or Remo Emperors would be fantastic batter heads on the toms and Remo Ambassador or Evans G1 would be perfect on the snare. If the resonant heads look like they're in good shape, don't worry about them right away.

Next, Cymbals. What ever you do, try NOT to buy the stamped brass type of cymbals - All the Mfg's. make them - you may as well let the kid beat on an empty tuna can - it'll sound better. Look for quality USED cymbals. You'll get a way better deal and your ears will thank you.

Good luck and happy hunting!

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I like the Sonor 2007, those are great drums. If it comes with stands and snare drum, that sounds like a good deal. You will still have to get cymbals and a throne, then put new heads on the whole thing and you should be good to go!

I know you said your son is only 8, so the debate would be if you got good cymbals or not. You can get those cheaper starter sets, but that too, is like buying cheap stuff and will sound awful and uninspiring. Unfortunately, good quality comes at a price that you will have to determine. Take a step back and do some research, and make sure your son has a chance to play baseball or whatever else he wants to do. He'll just grow up weird otherwise ;)