Adjusting Snare Drums with TWO snare wire tensioners?


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I have a Tama SC Copper snare that has tensioners on both sides of the snares. Would anyone have just general advice on the best way to adjust them? I tend to get "paralysis by too many options" at times and just want to give up.

I guess I'm just hoping someone on here has experience and advice for this type of system. Any thoughts are much appreciated, thanks.


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The adjuster on the butt side is for getting the end of the wires just inside of the bearing edge of the drum.
Adjust the butt plate knob so that when the strainer is tensioned close to the tension that you use the snare mostly, the snare strands will be centered on the drum.
You shouldn't have to adjust it very often. It is a, "Set it and forget it" feature that some manufacturers provide.
The adjuster on the strainer side is the primary adjustment.


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Yeah, except I just recently acquired it so I'm trying to figure out my favorite tuning for it. Thanks for the input.