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I have been watching a lot of Aaron spears videos and also listening to his grooves and fills , I am wondering if anyone has watched his dvd's ?? and has any feedback on them before I buy them ?

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I have 'Beyond the Chops', it's a really great DVD, if you go into it thinking it's a run of mill instructional DVD of him showing you how to do all of his fills etc, then you may be disappointed.

He'll talk about a section of music then play a groove, for instance he'll talk about his motown inspirations the artist he worked with and what they wanted, then play along to a recording he's done of that genre.

Afterwards he'll do a question and answer period. Personally I like it the DVD, it's informal, you get to see Aaron playing, hear some great tunes and pickup a few ideas that you can then work on in your own time. All of the songs are in notation form in the booklet and most of the songs are also in slow motion so you can pick out fills you've heard.

If you a Spears fan then I think you should pick it up, I downloaded it from hudsons online catalogue