A thank-you to Paiste


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We all see/hear/read these gleaming shortcomings when it comes to an instrument retailer or vendor; it's easy to complain and raise a fuss, but I don't see nearly as many words of commendation from good service. Well, I think Paiste just gave me the best customer service I've ever gotten from anyone and I figured I'd share.

I had my prized 19" Dark Energy Crash crack early last week - I noticed during band practice on Tuesday, the 7th. I only bought the thing in May of 2012, but I've used it for literally every single practice, rehearsal, and performance I've played since I bought it - on a few occasions, I brought it for other drummers to play (and we all know how that goes), so all things considered, that one cymbal did a lot of good, even if it didn't last as long as I wished. Since I had moved from Boston in October, I managed to lose the original receipt but a few emails with the good people at the Drum Center of Portsmouth got a copy of my receipt in my email, and I sent my crash to Paiste the following Wednesday, which arrived in California on Friday.

Considering it took Sabian about three months to exchange an Evolution Splash about five years ago, I was shocked and amazed when I walked up to the front door of my house on Friday (the 17th) to find a box from Paiste sitting on the front porch! They must have shipped it Monday (via Fedex) in order to get it to me - a turnaround of one business day! I don't think I've had Sweetwater orders that were in my hands that quickly!

So, I'd just like to thank Paiste for treating its customers in such high regard. They definitely have a customer in me.



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Zildjian on my end. Bought a K DMR and it was my main ride when I worked on ships. A month into my last contract I was hearing a crack in the cymbal, but because of the lathing I couldn't physically identify it. Confirmed it with the local music store when I got back on land. Got an RMA from Z, sent it back, thinking the worst. Not even a week later, the local store had my replacement DMR...a week before the warranty was set to expire! Talk about timing.

So...definitely, great customer service goes a long way.