A re-post of a controversial video ;)

Bo Eder

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Hey all,

I don't want to extend the bickering caused by the thread about drum corps producing bad drum set players, but I wanted to re-post this link to a video I just love:


What you're seeing is the Cadets bass drum line from July 2012 playing some of their stuff. In this instance, I think being involved in a bass drum line is extremely helpful to your individual timing simply because it's more akin to being in a latin percussion section - it takes all of them to make music. Whereas I think if you were just in the snare line or the tenor line your mental focus is more on technique because the line all must look the same. Yes, the bass drummer's playing technique is the same and they do play things in unison, but the running lines they do I think bonds these guys together more as a section simply because of all the split parts - something all musicians need to learn.

I hope you like it!

(And no more bickering about what's better - it's all drumming, right?)

Anthony Amodeo

It makes me want to buy five bass drums and get some friends to do special performances. Maybe a wedding or two ;)
call me when this happens......been looking for a reason to come back out west

I'll need one of the smaller drums though.....I'm 5' 4" 160lbs



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Although I've seen that before,I was great to watch it again.That's a lot tougher than it looks..awesome...............Thanks Bo:)

Steve B

Bo Eder

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Glad you guys liked it! I marched drum corps back in 1982 and was first bass drum out of six. We did walking bass lines and split sextuplets, but nothing like what the kids are doing today! I would love to be able to be in a bass line like that today. That's why I think my timing is as good as it is ;)

Sometimes I think I need to do it for some much-needed improvement.


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I thought that was cool! Not sure why folks would think drum corp players would make bad set players? I mean I never played in a corp but if I wanted to, I would and probably suck real bad until practice kicked in, just like a drummer does with a set. No?


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When I was sorta paying attention to corps around 1972 or so, this would have just blown their minds. There were certainly attempts to play melodics between bass drums and of course timps, but nothing quite the (near) perfection of this. Not to mention these bass drummers doing doubles... that just wasn't done back then.

It's always inspiring to hear such precision and rhythmic acrobatics between players.


Bo Eder

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That was killer..

Drum Corps teaches you teamwork that's for sure..

I enjoy these guys..

A friend of mine turned me on to that tatoo business going on in Edinburgh, and I swear, one day I'll take a trip to check it out. It's supposed to have drum lines like that from different countries (it's military-based), and I think our own Old Guard from Washington DC made the trip once or twice.

Can you imagine if the Top Secret Drum Corps had a bass line like the Cadet's? That would be very cool.

And with what Bermuda said, yeah, this stuff would've burned the house down if you saw it in 1972 - but having been with the activity since 1981, I can see how everything is an evolution on the drum corps stage. You couldn't have what they do today if you didn't have what they did back in the day.