A little advice?


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Hey everyone. I'm new to the forum, but I've been playing the drums for about 2 and a half years now. I'm getting fairly good at it, but i'm running out of stuff to play/learn. I know all of the rudiments, i can do doubles over doubles, quads over quads, basic stuff, although my teacher says theres a certain way to play quads over quads, and wont tell me what it is! D: Please don't respond with stuff like: the search buttons on the top, cause ive used it. lol. I play Asking Alexandria, Bring Me The Horizon, stuff like that. I was just wondering if anyone knew any bands like that, with some fun drums in it. Im good with a double bass, thats not a problem. If anyone could give me some suggestions on what to learn, or to play, it would be GREATLY appreciated. Thanks! :D



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By the sounds of it you are quite into your metal like me. Over the last year or so I've REALLY been getting into Drum n Bass/Jungle drumming and funk. My metal and rock playing is so much more dynamic now because of trying to learn those different genres. Drum n Bass works wonders for hand speed!!!


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I know all of the rudiments
My copy of The All American Drummer by Charles Wilcoxon says: "No, you don't!" from the very first page. :)

There's a thread here about the best drummer books, a good start for learning material. My personal favorites are Conversations in Clave (H. Hernandez), Time Functioning Patterns Vol. 3 (Gary Chaffee), The Art of Bop Drumming (John Riley), and Big Band and Studio Drumming (Steve Houghton). You yourself would probably benefit from A Fresh Approach To The Drumset by Mark Wessels, because it covers a lot of styles.

But really, you're running out of things to practice because you've limited your drumming vocabulary to music you like. I'm not saying you should stop liking any music, but give some other genres a listen. At the very least, learn some Zeppelin tunes! And don't just play them, learn to transcribe them. By the way, do you know how to make a drum chart?

One last thing: go and play with other musicians. Doesn't matter if it's with your friends of not, or what kind of music, just make it happen.