A happy new year from Guru drums!


The Old Hyde

Andy, when are you making a line of Guru drum keys??? I want one when you do.

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Guys, thank you so much for your support over the last year or so, & also for your kind words in this thread :)

On the subject of forum member participation in designs, I may have another one to put past you all in the coming weeks - a new bespoke Guru strainer :) First question coming up in a new thread right now :)


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The best of luck to everyone @ Guru drums! Please do get your stuff into Canada. I can't afford a trip to the UK but Canada is just a longish drive. It's great to see people innovate and move the art of drum design on to greater heights. Good luck guys. I'm saving up now for one of your kits.

I'll take a double shot of a good single malt neat with a mineral water chaser. I'm hyper enough already. Happy New Year everybody!!


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Happy New Year, Andy!

As an avid reader of your threads, and admirer of your work in drums, I wish you and Guru all the best in 2013.


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Thanks Andy- you are one of the most helpful and insightful people around here- Happy New Year and thank you for the knowledge you have passed along.

Best of luck with Guru.



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2012 had more downs than ups, so this one better be a lot nicer!

Here's to hoping!

And for the Guru dudes - keep up the good work!


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I'll have a mocha caffe frappe latte venti americano, got it?

Really though, I LOVE what Guru has done with their drums. When I get out of schooling and find a good home for them, you can bet I'll be calling on Guru for the best drums in the world...


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Happy New Year Guru, hope you will be healthy and happy everyday :)

Also good luck in your venture.


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A happy and prosperous New Year to you and your family. That goes for everyone else in Drummerworld, too.


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Andy.....an honor to call you friend and a new years wish that I'll get to meet you and Dean and Henri,Duncan and all of my UK brethren soon.I'm working on it.

With the events of 2012 in my rear view mirror,I'm reminded of how life can turn on a dime.Taking stock of what you want to do in life has become even more important.

Here's hoping that 2013 is a lot better year than that last was for all of us,and may Guru knock it out of the park and score the winning world cup goal in 2013.

Happy New Year to all.:):):)

Steve B

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Your a good man Andy I hope you and your beautiful family have a great new year. I am looking forward to 2013 because there is a guru kit in my future. !!!
And quite soon Joe. Your build has already started :) :) :)

My new year resolution is to start saving for DW drums!
Good on you, & I hope you enjoy those beauties when you get them :)

Twenty-ounce skinny latte for me, double shot.

Best of wishes to you for the New Year, and congratulations on all your successes this year. Hope to see much more of your remarkable, beautiful drums in the coming months!
Thank you :) I appreciate your kind wishes.

Double espresso. No sugar.

I'm very proud of what you've achieved this year. You've released a new line of drums, researching every aspect in incredible detail, successfully demonstrated and promoted your drums to a large number of people and you have the ear of the industry in terms of some of the artists that are now using your drums (that you can't tell us about, obviously).

You know how much I admire and respect what you're doing. More of the same, please!
I very much value your support Duncan :)

Andy, Dean, a very happy new year to you guys, what an honor and a privilege to meet you in 2012, besides your wonderful creations, you're real gentlemen with a huge heart, your friendship mean so much to me, so here's to meet you both again in 2013.
Andy, I never had that coffee you said you'll buy for all of us, maybe next time... and that's a cappuccino for me, ta mate :)

Happy new year Drummerworld!!!
i'll make good on my coffee promise Henri :) It was a huge pleasure to meet you at LDS.

I wish health over all and keep going the great work you doing on your drums.
I realy like very much your patent and your special lugs. I wish i could buy some for my drums......
Happy new year
No patents, but thank you for your kind words.

Way cool having you, your ideas, and your fabulous-looking kit piccies around here. (Some day I really must hear Guru drums live and in person!)

Happy new year, and see you in 2013!
I hope to see our drums in Canada too. That would be a great next step for us.

All the best for the new year guys!

Joe Morris

Your a good man Andy I hope you and your beautiful family have a great new year. I am looking forward to 2013 because there is a guru kit in my future. !!!