A good dance song with drum break


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I play in a five piece band consisting of keys bass guitar drums and vocals. Our material includes Funk, R&B, disco, some classic rock, and more recent material including Bruno Mars' songs, Lady Gaga etc. Our goal is to get them up dancing and keep them dancing.

When we see that certain songs consistently don't work very well we weed them out and replace them with better ones. Of course opinions seem to vary in the band about what works and what doesn't.

We are playing bars festivals weddings homecomings parties etc.

"American band " has been in our set list but seldom seems to work for dancing. maybe it's the people were playing for; I don't know. We had a crowd last night of young people and they were shaking their butts to KC's "shake your booty", Lady Gaga's "Just Dance", Bruno Mars' "Uptown Funk", and so on.

Anyway I've liked doing "American band " because I got to do the drum intro and use some cowbell. But it's almost always been a bust.

I want to pick a song that lets me play funky as well as take a drum break. And One that people can dance to. I know there must be a zillion songs. Did you guys have any favorites for a funky danceable song where you can take a drum break ?

I was thinking of doing an instrumental called "machine gun" by the Commodores:


Thanks for any opinions.


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Have a look at "Mercy" by The Third Degree. Its done in a Northern Soul style with a nice short snappy drum break in the middle.