A free laptop metronome


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I can report this seems to run properly under Wine, for the Linux users.

But then again, there are other native apps like gtklick (the other offering, Gtick always complain about sound output...)

Hydrogen could be a useful metronome-like tool as well.


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I was wondering where to wind it.

Too funny Jeff!

I remember those old mechanical ones. My parents bought me one when I was an 11 year old drum student. The kind with the arm and counterweight that swung back and forth. Those were the days! My cat used to jump up on my dresser and try and knock the arm.

I can remember the little music shop we bought it from, real mom and pop shop type of place. You walk in and the guys behind the counter were considerably older men, partial gray hair or balding, had just gotten off the road from touring with some jazz band, and needed some income until they started teaching again or got on with another jazz tour.

The type of guys who spent their entire lifetime playing music and knew everyone who was worth knowing and were experts on several instruments, never made a whole lot of money but were always working....LOL
Try my Bounce Metronome Pro

The visuals help you to continue to keep in time even when you play exactly on the beat to bury the metronome click. With normal sound only metronome then it is hardest to hear it when you are most in time.

The visuals are accurate and reliable enough so that you can also use it purely visually without the click, like following a conductor's baton.

There's a freebie version yours to keep with just the basic rhythms like 4/4, 3/4 etc., as well as paid for pro version (with 30 day free trial) with lots of extra goodies for drummers.