A different kind of Craigslist seller

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We've got the Craigslist seller who wants $2,000.00 for a 20 year old Pearl Export kit with B8 "symbols", we've got the Craigslist "mental" cases and we've got the ever amusing Craigslist tom angles.

But there's another type of Craigslist seller who comes to mind. You know, the one selling a pair of "slightly used" Vic Firth 5A drum sticks for only $10.00. Or the one who has a "like new" 10" coated REMO Emperor drum head for sale for only $20.00.

I'm not talking about the money, but the probability of these items actually being sold. I can't imaging taking an hour or two of my time to go and buy something used when I can buy it new for just a little more and in half the time.

Where are these people coming from? Do they really think someone's going to meet them halfway across the city to buy a used pair of sticks? Boggles my mind, really...


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Some people see a buck in every little used thing they have. They think somebody is going to come by, just to save a couple of dollars and by it 'used' , even if a consumable like sticks. Most hilarious is when they price the used item down below $5. I'm pretty sure these items do not sell, and they whither away off the site.
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