A butcher and music.


"Uncle Larry"
I like when he say's "There is no pain you are recieving"
Sorry that was mean.
If it wasn't for the bass player, the singer, the drummer and the guitarist...
That was probably mean too. I'm sorry.
This is actually a useful video to illustrate what bad meter can do to a song. Again I apologize.
Also to illustrate the importance of tuning. Please forgive me.
It also highlights how not listening to each other can ruin a song. I know, I'm out of hand... I'll stop.

How many other wrong things can you spot/hear in this vid? It's like that newspaper cartoon Shylock Fox.
I know, that was uncalled for. I'm a total lout.

If I were a teacher, I'd use it to quiz my students listening skills.
People shouldn't put these vids up, they bring out the worst in me, it's not my fault. Yea that's the ticket....

On the other hand....

Oh.......um the other hand really isn't any better. Sorry.


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What stood out for me was that the guitar player would start getting his hand formation together on the beat and by the time he'd untangled his fingers he was behind.

... where's that confounded bridge?


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I was going to come on and say something funny- but there's not much to say to say after that.

I suddenly feel better about my shortcomings- They seemed to enjoy themselves, if nothing else


Sounds like a serious monitoring issue onstage as much as anything else.


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Finally a band I can get to open for us...might make us sound good... was really intrigued so watched a few of the vids from them...it has to be a joke...I mean who needs the words written down for cocaine?... the one with the interview there wearing thier band shirts thier name is HUSH ... with what may be a play off of rush by the logo..think that says it all...I think we'll see the singer this season on American Idol...


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Hello, Hello, can anybody find one .? Just nod if you can find it . . . is there any body home?

Yeah, Larry if it weren't for the drummer, bass player, singer and guitarist this would be a great band. You're funny, dude. :)


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wow what the hell
what are the odds of people so amazingly devoid of musical talent finding each other AND somehow getting the chance to actually perform in front of people..?


"Uncle Larry"
wow what the hell
what are the odds of people so amazingly devoid of musical talent finding each other AND somehow getting the chance to actually perform in front of people..?
This is so ripe for a band bashing comment like...let's see...who to pick.....

Confounded political correctness!


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I couldn't make it through the whole thing.

As a new drummer, I assumed it would be YEARS before I was ever ready to play in a band. But after seeing this vid, I'm almost certain I could join a band today and start playing the PETA circuit tomorrow.


btw, very cool site. Just joined today. :)


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The vocalist managed to sound out of tune in the spoken sections. Not sure how that works, though he deserves credit for remembering the words.

Okay, no more PC ... the bassist is obviously a saboteur, very likely part of a communist or Islamic plot to break the spirit of decadent westerners. Almost every time the rabble threatened to assemble themselves into some form of almost-vague coherence he'd play a wicked early note and the cards would fall. He made the bassist that drove Bob to the brink sound like Jaco.

No band can survive that.
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"Uncle Larry"
And this was my 1st place until I saw the uber band that is "Hush". http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FjeMDvCdrtc&feature=related The "feature" drum fill at 2:00 is a cringer! How did they fit a flight of stone steps on the stage?

I know it's sooooo unPC to post these, with ya Larry, feelin' your pain. My gut's bustin'!
"Comfortably Numb" is at least 32 times worse than "The Final Countdown". The vocalist (on TFC) is really bad, but at least his band has a partial sense of meter, if nothing else.

Bad music better than no music? Tough call.