A better way to count 16th note triplets ?

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I've never understood why people put this much effort into counting complicated rhythms... counting is useful, but you have to be able to feel the accents of the tempo you are trying to play... I guess I've always just tried to play things instead of worrying about specific words to count them.


I use did-il-y, did-il-y. No need for 1,2, 3, 4. If you can't tell where that is, it's hopeless anyway.


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Oh, you are lucky to get such good advice!... great.

For me, I have trouble counting like that... Usually I just feel where the ONE is... and depending on the feel of the groove, I can play them differently.

For instance, to me triplets, almost always has to do with a shuffle pattern of some kind, so the one there sort of dictates what I do.

On fills, where MOST drummers use the 16th note triplet, here's a little video I saw of Billy Ashbaugh breaking down the 16th note triplet in a very clear way!


As far as for grooves, here's a helpful video, it's cool because from that basic feel, you can sort of sense where you can go with it.

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