30 Richest Drummers.


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Hear, hear. You know (to get off on a slight tangent), everyone talks about Bernard Purdie's claims of playing on Beatles records, but I think the Beatles claims are the least harmful of his fabrications, because in the scheme of things Ringo's not losing much in the way of fame and fortune due to these claims. The thing that really bothers me is when Purdie takes credit for work by other drummers who could probably use the recognition themselves, like Clyde Stubblefield (that is to say, the recognition might be able to help him get some well deserved financial compensation, in the way of gigs, endorsements, etc.). Purdie has claimed to have played on James Brown classics like "Cold Sweat." I ran into a fellow who worked in a drum shop many years back who was telling me how every time he heard "Cold Sweat" he marveled at Purdie's great drumming. I said, "He didn't play on that--it was Clyde Stubblefield." He then proceeded to tell me that Bernard had told him directly in person that he'd played on it, which was essentially this fellow's way of saying that he was choosing to believe the word of a legendary drummer (i.e., Purdie) rather than that of an anonymous no-name drummer (i.e., me). I can't say that I blame him, but I DO blame Purdie, for taking credit away from someone who could probably use it.

There are two things known about Pretty Pudrie in the drumming community,that are pretty much considered fact.One is that he is a great and innovative drummer.The second is that he is also a chronic liar.The mistake he continues to make is,he forgets the first rule of telling a lie,which is.....you have to remember it,exactly as you told it....for the rest of your life.

His BS about the Beatle tunes, has been told and retold and the stories never match up.

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I think if I was going to invent stories about how it was really me on such-&-such a recording, it wouldn't be anything Ringo played on!

But anyway, I was looking at the Top Ten of the list and thinking about who is the most talented out of those guys.

Not expecting all to agree, but I went for Phil Collins.