22 x 22 kick and 12 x 6 tom question...


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Anyone have any experience playing any of these two sized shells? There's a custom drum kit I'm thinking of getting because of a low price, but the kick drum is 22x22 and the high tom is 12 x 6.

Will a kick drum that size be too much air to move around? Anyone play one at that size?

Also, would a tom at 12 x 6 be too shallow? Or would it still produce a nice sound? These are maple shells.



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I use a 22 x 20 and 12 x 7 as my only rack tom (birch). Will the 12 x 6 be your only rack tom? I think it will be fine, but if you're used to using power toms or something it might sound odd to you. The kick will be fine too I think, however the only thing I would say about 22 depth is that it's gunna be hard to fit through doors. My 20 only just scrapes through some doors. If you haven't played shallow toms before, I'd recommend just finding one at a store or friends kit etc. and trying it out to get a feel for the sound, although I doubt you'll find a 12 x 6 to try.

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With both of those sizes, they are only likely to sound good if they've been specifically designed to be that size. i.e. shell construction, thickness, & especially bearing edges. If it's a case of take some standard shells, put a double 45 bearing edge each end, & hope for the best, then you'll just have to take your chances. "Fashion" sizes without due consideration of all design elements is something of a personal hate for me :(

A 12" x 6" tom can sound great, but even if it is well designed & made, it will have a very different character to a more standard 12" x 9". The fundamental will be cleaner and more dominant, & sharper attack + articulation. It won't be potentially as warm & deep as a 12" x 9" that's designed & tuned to make the most of the greater overtone spectrum.

As for the bass drum, at 22" deep, it's all about controlling those overtones. If you want a deep thud, then a ported reso & a muffled batter head should get you there. If you want a full reso & open sound with a nice boom, then pass.

Hope this helps.


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You may want to think about the logistics of moving such a big bass drum around for gigs! If you haven't already. I know it's not huge, but I've personally found even the small difference in size between a 22" and 20" bass drum can make a big difference in perceived ease of transport. If that makes any sense at all..


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Thanks guys. I think i'll go for them. I don't know if I'll be gigging. I've been playing for years, but haven't had an acoustic drum kit in a while so excited to finally get one.


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I ended up going with a pork pie little squealer 13" snare. So that should blend pretty well with a 12" and a 14" tom. Since the 12" tom is 6" deep, I heard this allows more control to tune it higher. So this might contrast well with a 14" tom that's 12" deep. I hope.

I was going to ask, how much does it cost to get a bass drum shortened? I also wondered if there is any accessories that do this kind of effect to the kick drum to make it sound more compressed. Someone above mentioned some things, so I'll have to look into it.