2010 Not So Modern Drummer magazine presents the 2010 Ohio Drum Show, 9 /9, Cleveland


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We moved the Not So Modern Drummer magazine annual vintage and custom show to Ohio this year. Former magazine owner/editor John Aldridge started this show in Nashville back in the nineties and then discontinued it when he moved to Oklahoma. The next owner Bill Ludwig III did not produce the show. He's in Chicago (He'll be at this show working the NSMD booth). We resurrected it in Nashville last year and had a good showing by exhibitors and attendees considering I bought the magazine in late 2008 and we only had six months to promote the show. I decided to move it to my neck of the woods here in NE OHIO for several reasons: it's cheaper to produce at home without the cost of transporting and lodging and feeding me and my staff, more of a tradition of attending vintage and custom shows up north, and more attendance by my drum shop customers and participation from my drum shop manufacturers' reps. Here are the ads and video promoting the show. More info below those images.....

And the YouTube promotion video featuring Keith Carlock and Rudder

The hall we are in is more than twice the size of the one last year and we already have more than twice as many exhibitors. I am predicting that we will end up with 80 to 100 exhibitors. I think that makes us second to the Chicago Show as far as # of exhibitors. See the ad below for the exhibitors so far. Raffle prizes are already up to $2300 and I suspect they will go up to $4000 or $5000. Lots of nice hand hammered cymbals and custom snares in those raffle prizes too.

The show is still, at heart, a vintage and custom drum show but it has become much, much more. The modern manufacturers have gotten hip to these grass roots consumer shows and how influential they are in creating public demand at the stores so it has become half trade show as well. So far, Ludwig, Gretsch, Mapex, Zildjian, Sabian, Supernatural cymbals,Amedia cymbals, Diril Cymbals, Regal Tip, Universal Percussion (Wuhan, Attack, Cannon), Pintech, Alternate Mode (MidiKat) are signed up and we are working on more. Lots of custom drum builders. For the next month I'm working on flushing out as many local and regional used and vintage collectors/dealers as I can to buy a booth or put their drums in our consignment booth (booths are cheap $100 for a 10x10). We have vintage dealers coming from Chicago, NY, Toronto, Buffalo, Nashville, roughly from 500 miles in any direction. We also have a Vintage Drum Museum being hosted by Gary Asher where attendees can display their prize vintage drums for free (but not sell). Any of you vintage guys within a day's drive should attend or exhibit at this show. It's going to be a good one. I am predicting 1000 in attendance which would put us just under the Chicago Show in attendance.

Keith Carlock and Rudder will be doing two performances in the evening; One at 6:30 right after the exhibits close and one at 9:00. The first show is included in the $20 ticket for the show. The second show is an additional $20 ticket. If you haven't seen Keith live with this band you are in for a treat. This is balls to the wall funk, rockin' fusion, and screaming NYC jazzers with a phenomenal drummer who must be experienced live to understand just how masterful and exciting his playing is. Definitely a jaw dropping drummers' drummer. I'm biased though; I was his drum set teacher in junior high school and high school, but now I have a hard time figuring out his licks!. Keith is currently on tour with John Mayer and is Steely Dan's drummer. He has also played with Sting, James Taylor, and Donald Fagen's solo tour. Google Keith and his instrumental band Rudder or go listen to their music at RudderMusic.com . Keith also has some nice videos at his KeithCarlock.com site.

Several things we are doing differently this year as a result of having attended and observed almost every drum show in the country last year and having listened to constructive criticism of last year's Southern Drum Show.
#1 No performances will occur during the exhibit hall hours from 10 - 6:00. I know many exhibitors have not liked it when the hall empties because a clinic has started. This schedule will allow the exhibitors to see the performances as well.
#2 Noise levels; We have instituted a policy of requiring a drum shield with absorber panels around any drum set that is to be played by the public. A local company will rent the shields. We are also putting a drum solo stage outside with a couple of kits for those who want to wail away without being told to turn it down. Everyone will be able to talk and conduct business without having to yell over drum set solos at this show now. Hopefully this will set a precedent at other shows.
#3 We cut our two day show down to a one day show which enabled us to lower production costs, booth fees and exhibitor's hotel and travel expenses during this recession. We figured that almost all drummers can make it on Sunday with the exception of some of the church drummers who have to play all day and all night long.
#4 Guaranteed deals. We have arranged with almost all of the brand name manufacturers and custom builders to sell at really low prices all day long - most starting at 50% off and more so you don't have to hang around like a vulture at the end of the show waiting for them to drop prices. Of course we can't advertise specific brands at less than Minimum Advertised Price (MAP) but.................50% off and better!
#5 We separated out the Snare Drum Olympics and Cymbal Olympics from this show and made them their own events coming this February. The Olympics have grown too. A real nosebleed! More on that at another time.

Above is the current full page ad that ran in Modern Drummer and Drum! and will be in the next issue of Not So Modern Drummer, which coinkadinkally features Keith Carlock on the cover and an interview with him and a Carlock gear give away from Yamaha, Zildjian, Remo, Regal Tip and Earthworks Audio. This next issue of NSMD is also the first one in our new distribution system and drastically increased circulation: "The only drum magazine that is FREE at every drum shop in America!": 20,000 FREE at every drum shop in America, every Sam Ash and Guitar Center, other music store drum departments, every drum show, every drum school and at other drummer centric venues and events. We still have a paid home delivery subscription price and a book store price but other than that NMSD is now FREE. It is due to start shipping next week and you should see them in stores by the end of August or first week of September. If you know of a drum shop or drum department that is not participating in this please tell them to call us and sign up at No Charge. There will be 1000 free issues at the Ohio Drum Show and you can sign up for the Carlock gear contest.

Happy Trails and I will update show info here over the next month. Here is the link for the show info http://www.notsomoderndrummer.com/ODS/. Please feel free to call me or email me about anything concerning the show. I'm living this thing 24/7 for the next month.

George Lawrence,
Poconut.com (Poco's tour schedule)
330 338 6035

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Re: 2010 Not So Modern Drummer magazine presents the 2010 Ohio Drum Show, 9 /9, Cleve

Thanks George - a great show and "Not So Modern Drummer" is a great magazine.



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Re: 2010 Not So Modern Drummer magazine presents the 2010 Ohio Drum Show, 9 /9, Cleve

George, if I wasn't 4,000 miles away, I'd be there in a heartbeat. That sounds like a fantastic show. Having read your changes for this year, that's the way to run a show! Good luck with the event. Perhaps you can cut an airline deal for trans Atlantic guests next year!