2010 NAMM Show


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Greetings fellow inhabitants of Drummerworld. Long-time lurker, first-time poster. Wanted to share some new gear photos I got from the Show. Got plenty more; this is all I had the patience to edit and post today.

Gretsch Cat Club Jazz in new Copper Sparkle. These have been well-reviewed around here, and with this new color choice I'm preparing the living room for a new look.

New Gretsch 4.5x14" Stanton Moore signature snare. Have read that Moore wanted something like this for more of his New Orleans/second-line material, something "lush and legato" for the buzz roll-type work.

Yamaha's Rock Tour is a step above entry-level for the aspiring rocker. Nine-ply mahogany and 11 different finishes, including this matte black metallic.

One for the Canadian readers: Neil Peart's homage to the great game on ice via DW.

Pearl is back in the e-drum arena after, what, 20-odd years? This is an interesting product that seems to take a module cue from the old DDRUM (Nord) kits. The heads and "real shell" aesthetics aren't exactly new, but a step forward in feel and practicality.

Next time you're doing a kitchen remodel, save the excess Corian countertop and stave yourself a custom snare, like Ford's effort here.

Before the Show, had liked what I'd heard from Dream cymbals, but wasn't blown away. This Dark Matter ride didn't blow my mind at first, but it was very rich and buttery, and I liked its character immediately. And at the end of the day, I found I kept thinking about that cymbal, as if it were a beautiful woman I'd met at a cafe. The guys at Dream say it goes through three heat/cooling/hammering cycles to achieve its look and sonics. Interesting to say the least.

I'll post more later in the week, and I've got some additional photos and info at my blog. Have a look and fire away with criticism, constructive or otherwise...




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Bass Driver - they had a lot of low light for one thing, apparently going for a murky product mystery aesthetic. I'll post some more stuff in next couple of days, Tama included. They had some new signature snares and finishes, including:

"Harvest Dusk Burst with Black Nickel Hardware" for Starclassic Maple, and...

"Shattered Turquoise" for Starclassic Performer B/B