1970s vintage Sonor Kit resale

vintage teardrop

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Hi guys
I have owned and attempted to restore a 1970s west german sonor tear drop kit. All the shells were present and correct as well as being in good nick. The chrome pieces were visabley rusted but after many hours of care they do shine but are marked heavily where the chrome has gone.

After many months of fun and love putting her back together and marking her work I am sadly having to sell her due to moving house, needing the space and the cash. I was wondering if anyone had any advice on the best way to do this, either as a full kit or in parts, drum by drum and of any places it may be best to list her (other then ebay, for now) to get her to a more direct market other then people wanting a cheap kit for their kids. her age and original features i believe deserve more then this.

Any advice gratefully received.



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drop em in the Classifieds...see what happens. There have been a few of these teardrops in the past year and they have been fetching around 1K for similar 3pc kits.
Im a newer Sonor guy, but the vintage stuff interests me.
good luck on your sale.