1960's Ludwig 12" tom conversion question.


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Has anyone tried to convert a 12" Ludwig Club Date tom to a Downbeat. I have the lugs to do it but don't have the club date shell yet. There is one on ebay that may be a good match for my 1968 Downbeat (that has a rocker style center tom mount to make it a Holiday kit).

I'm not sure if the holes for the clubdate will match the downbeat style lugs that I have. I realize I'll have to drill one extra hole for each lug but I'm thinking it should work.

Any thoughts?

The one draw back would be the wrap not equally faded when it's converted but it shouldn't be that bad.


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Physically, I think it should work. So, you are going to use the existing holes and drill another hole per lug to accomodate the lugs that each have 2 bolts, correct? You are going to replace the 6 Club Date lugs with 12 lugs? Make sure you measure and plan it out before you start drilling, to make sure you aren't too close to the bearing edges, but I think it should work. A couple of things:

The wrap may be indented from the current lugs - you may see the imprint of the Club Date lugs in the wrap. The wrap may also be a darker shade under the current lugs if the wrap has faded since being original. So, its kind of iffy on how good this is going to look.

Also, when you go to drill the holes (if you do) put a small block of wood inside the shell and clamp it in, so you end up drilling into the block of wood as you drill through the shell. This will help avoid splintering of the inside ply. These shells can be fragile, so you don't want to rip it apart as you drill. You need to move the block of wood for each hole that you drill.


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Thanks for the block of wood advice.

If the price is right I'm going to pick it up and give it a try. I'll post how it comes out.



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The club date center mountd lugs ,are a completely different mounting pattern than the small classic lugs,(as oppose to the large classic) used on the 12" 60's Ludwig tom.You would have to plug the existing holes.There is no down beat lug,the're called small classic lugs.There will be an outline impression of the center mounts "bowtie" lug ,used on club date drums,and most Ludwig snare drums.

The only good news is that the shell play layup and shell material,is exactly the same as the super classic,and classic lines,of the club dates more expensive,top of the line cousins.

There is nothing that is going to line up,as the mounting holes are completey different for small classic(as you say downbeat) lugs and the club date/snare drum bowtie lug.Sorry,them's the facts.You're going to have to redrill,and make swiss chees out of that drum shell,which is a very bad Idea.Better off selling it,and wait for a legit classic 12" tom to come along.

You'll also devalue the resale value of that drum by 35-45 % at least.Don't do it.That move is NOT,an upgrade,rather a downgrade.

Steve B
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