100 Most Influential Drummers......Who The Hell Are They?


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I'd love to see this list: http://joranmeynen.wordpress.com/the-100-most-influential-drummers-of-all-time/

Particularly interested in the chronological aspect of it. But as it stands, I can barely make out a damned thing on it. I haven't been able to find another link to that (or any other) list anywhere else. Nor have I been able to enlarge that one so that I can read the names. Obviously requires a level of computing skill that I'm far too stupid for. Can anyone help an idiot out?



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I use Chrome as my browser and it has a zoom feature in the menus. I can zoom it to 500%. The poster is a little easier to make out. Who is the idiot I'm supposed to be helping?


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Part of the issue is the poster is in German.

The other aspect is, yeah, I can blow it up, but then it gets to fuzzy to read.

Jeremy Bender

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There must be an issue with the original photo, when I magnified it in Lightroom4 I still couldn't find Jeff Indyke on it.


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The poster designer seems to be in university in Belgium.

I'm betting the poster is a one-off college project and others don't exist or aren't widely distributed.

Sadly the photos are a bit out of focus and no amount of enlargement can fix that.